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Tree Roots and Plumbing

Did you know that tree roots have a high growth rate during the early weeks of fall? The sudden growth of roots can lead to plumbing issues when roots find their way into plumbing pipes. Most home water waste lines pass through front or back yards where trees and bushes roots can find cracks and cause major blockages. If you notice sudden changes in shower drainage or toilet flushing, you should consider the risk of tree doing plumbing damage. Slow draining or gurgling while water is going down are two of the most noticeable signs. Many times a homeowner will opt for a quick pipe snake to but the clog, but if the problem continues you should have a more explorative look from a professional plumbing contractor the specializes in video drain inspections, like Prestige Plumbing. While sinkholes are a little less common, spots in your yard that seem to be sinking or extra wet can be a good way to identify the spot the problem area. When a tree root begins to damage a pipe, water

Common Plumbing Questions

We here at Prestige Plumbing understand how frustrating plumbing repairs and issues within your home or business can be. Sometimes they aren't as severe as they initially seem to be. Plumbing something that every home has, but not every homeowner fully understands. We're here to help clear up some questions we hear a lot when working in our customer's homes. 1. What should I do if my faucet is leaking? Often times we hear, " Well I tried to tighten the faucet and knobs, but it is still leaking." Most of the time a leak comes from a worn-out internal seal. Once we have the faucet apart we have a better understanding of if more than just a seal or two needs replaced. 2. My drain is clogged, how can I fix it myself next time? Prestige Plumbing really recommends having a professional deal with a moderate to severe clog. Drain cleaners can damage your plumbing, and a professional can fully clear the clog quickly and completely. There are a lot of different re

Descaling a Tankless Water Heater - How To Do It and Why It's Important

Navien Tankless Water heater installed by Prestige Plumbing Descaling is an important part of tankless hot water heater maintenance . While you don't need to do it monthly, or even yearly, it should be done no less than two years. When a tankless water heater warms water, something called dissolved solids are left behind. Over time, these solids build up in your water heater and can poorly affect the flow and efficiency. In extreme cases, your how water may even overheat leading to major repairs being needed. So how to do descale your tankless water heater? You'll need a few items: 1. A System Descaler - Generally this is composed of a pump, bucket, and a few hoses. 2. Descaling Solution - You will want to ensure this is food safe and biodegradable. 3. Proper Valving - Most of the time this is no worry when your tankless water heater is installed by a professional, but making sure the correct valves are installed it crucial. If you aren't sure or think something i

Why Isn't My Toilet Flushing Properly?

Toilets are one of the most used, if not the most used, plumbing fixture in a home. When they start to malfunction it can be a big pain to deal with. If you notice your toilet isn't draining all the contents, isn't filling up all the way, or is even making some weird sounds when flushed, chances are there's one of 3 common toilet plumbing issues going on. Sometimes the water level in your tank can be set a little too low, and thankfully this isn't a super serious problem. Your toilet uses a lot of water for a proper flush. If your toilet tank level is set too low, it can lead to your toilet not getting as much water as it needs and not properly filling after flushing. If you check out the inside of your toilet tank, you should see a line that indicates where the water level should be. Most toilet floats in the tank allow you to adjust the water level. Float balls or float cups are the most common styles in modern plumbing. A large portion of our plumbing repair

Frozen Pipe Prevention

With cooler temps getting closer by the day, it's important to make sure your home or business is ready for the dangers that come along with them. Frozen pipes are one of the most common plumbing emergencies despite only being a concern for a few months of the year. Frozen pipes lead to not being able to use your water, and can burst leading to flooding. Even if your pipes don't burst, there can be damage done from the ice expanding inside of them. We have a few simple tips to help keep your water flowing freely through your pipes.  Keeping your residential or commercial property warm can go a long way with avoiding frozen pipes. This might seem like a common sense answer however when people leave for holiday trips, they often times turn the thermostat up to save money on heating costs. This small temperature adjustment can be just enough to allow freezing to happen. Keeping the home about 55 degrees is recommended.  Allowing the faucet to drip can keep just enough