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Plumbing Tips to Prepare for Winter

The calendar has turned over to September, and now cooler weather is on the horizon with winter weather looming behind that! This is time of year to get your plumbing in your home ready for the winter months, so here are some tips to keep you from costly emergencies! 1. Put away hoses. This means disconnect, drain and store your hoses in a place where they will be protected from freezing. If any water that didn't drain out freezes, it could ruin your hose! 2. Turn off the spigot. Stores do sell "frost-free" hose bibb, also known as spigots or outdoor faucets. Now is the time to install one if you don't have one. If you don't want to invest in one, make sure that you turn off the inside line that leads to the bibb. If freezing air gets to the water in the line and it's not shut off, you risk getting frozen and then busted pipes! 3. Get any necessary maintenance. Have your sewer checked. Some plumbers offer camera inspections of lines. Getting your water heater