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5 Plumbing Upgrades to Try

5 Plumbing Upgrades to Try If you haven't upgraded your home's plumbing system, you could be wasting money. There are many things that you can try to help you save money.  Buy a New Water Heater Traditional water heaters let hot water sit unused until it cools down. This means that you have to run the water until it gets hot, this results in wasting water. Replace your water heater with a tankless water heater from Navien.  Switch to Low Flow Low-flow fixtures provide great savings. Your shower heads and faucets can also be put on low-flow setting. This option is also more eco-friendly and lowers your carbon footprint. Take Care of Your Pipes Another way to save money and upgrade your plumbing lies in the pipes of your home. Often times, pipes aren't insulated properly and this causes pipes to freeze in the winter. And because pipes aren't properly insulated they cause the water heater to work, this results in excess water waste. It is important to contact a professiona

Drain Video Inspections

Is your home or business constantly in need of plumbing attention for clogs, leaks or slow drains? Have you called a plumber, but no matter how many times the problem is looked at no one can seem to find an effective solution? Sounds like it's time to bring out the high-tech problem solvers for your issue in the form of a video inspection of your drain or pipes!  Video inspections start with a professional plumber coming to your home with a specially designed waterproof camera that will be inserted into your water or sewage lines. This will allow your service person to be able to visibly see any problems in your drains that would have in the past been completely inaccessible, apart from tearing up parts of your building. This can include pipes that run under cement or even plumbing that runs underneath the foundation of your residence or business. Catching on to how this can truly help you find the root of your plumbing issues ?  After the plumber receives and inspects the video f