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Taking Care of Your Drains

Chemicals can be extremely harsh on your drains, so it's important to manage your  plumbing drains  in different ways. How are you supposed to take care of your drains when they become clogged or you just want to do a little preventative maintenance? Today we’ll be focusing on three of the most common problem areas and how to deal with them. The bathroom is home to showers, sinks, and toilets, which are three of the most  common plumbing problem  sites, and the fourth being the kitchen sink. 1. The Kitchen Sink Kitchen sinks see a lot of things they shouldn’t necessarily see. Focusing on keeping excess cooking grease out is one of the top ways to keep your drain in working order. Ensuring you have a drain plug with a catch while doing dishes is vital to keeping food that doesn’t belong in the drain, out of the drain. Things like eggshells, leafy vegetables, and stringy vegetables (like celery) are some of the most common culprits of food clogs. If you are one of those lucky people