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Don't Put It In Your Plumbing!

One of the most common calls plumbers get is to "get rid of this clog." So this blog is here to help you know what not to put down your drains so your pipes will run clean and you won't have to call a plumber! Your toilet is the last thing you want to have clogged and backed up, so avoid flushing these things: Baby Wipes Cotton Swabs Feminine Hygiene Products (even if they say they are flushable) Paper Towels and Facial Tissues Diapers Medication Kitty Litter Cleaning/Disinfectant Wipes Your garbage disposal is something that is so useful, you can sometimes forget that it does have limitations. Many of these things will gum up the gears (or break them), clog your pipes, or stick everything and the rot will cause a horrible smell! These things are a "no go" when using your disposal: Grease & Oil Rice, Pasta, Anything That Swells Egg Shells Non-Edible Food Items Animal Bones Harsh Chemicals Fibrous Vegetables like celery, asparagus, etc. Coffee Grounds  This o