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The Best Option to Prevent Leaks

Flood and Leak Protection With the amount of rainfall we collect in Ohio, it is the safest option to invest in a flood and leak prevention tool to prevent water damage before it occurs. As you collect water damage in your home, you are risking weakened structure, the potential growth of health-threatening mold, or high costs to fix the problem. It is better for you to invest in our LeakSmart tool to give you the peace of mind you deserve. This tool has the ability to detect leaks within your home and stop water damage before it even begins. At the first sign of leakage, the LeakSmart tool will shut off your water, give you alerts through the system, and send a message to your phone, letting you know what happened. Also, with this tool, you have the ability to turn your water off from anywhere at any time, just for added security that your home is safe from the dangers of water damage. Our complete LeakSmart system consists of the valve, the sensor, and the hub. These three powerhouses